Money Making

A fool and her money will be parted


I’ve spent this week following blogs and websites on how to make money online, it has been a massive learning curve and there have been tears and there have been some exciting times too.
I’ve entered so many competitions, joined survey sites, ‘try this’ product site, mystery shop sites that I have had to get a folder to write them all down, it has been confusing and yet really exciting.
what I want to express though in this blog, is there are dangers and ‘get rich quick’ schemes and I have fallen for one of these SCAMS this week,

I got an email about £500 worth of shopping from a respectable supermarket group, however, after I signed up to it and they asked for my phone number, no problem there I thought, except I got an text message to say I would be entered into a weekly draw and it would cost £4.50, they said in the text if you reply with STOP, you would not get charged, ….NOT the case………… Grrrrrr 🙁

So a warning to those who like me are trying to earn some extra cash online, maybe we should name and shame these organisations, or warn others who could fall victim to their scams!

(following a disaster with my phone last week I had a pay as you go phone and still got a charge, however it will be easy to monitor on this phone as I get reminders of how much credit I have left).

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