Just a small garden

I love my little garden

We moved from a large 5 bed house with a massive garden to a tiny 3 bed house in a quiet suburb of the edge of the city, the new house doesn’t have a garden! Well it has an old fashioned yard, so we have spent 3 weeks painting fences, finding cheap and ‘sale’ items to make it a pleasant place to go into.

Blue paint and artificial flowers

So we painted the fence blue and bought some artificial flowers, we spent the summer trying to keep some real plants alive however that ended in disaster so artificial it is, they were only £1.50 each, so we bought 6 and put them in to small pots that were part of the wrought iron hanging plant pots, we then went over to home bargains and bought the two spiral topiary trees and placed them into high pots to give the illusion that they are bigger than they are.

Garden sales

B&M were also selling some brilliant garden resources in their end of season sale, I got some cute ceramic balls and some artificial topiary balls which we took apart and bedded them down into the stones to look like miniature plants, they look really effective.
My hubby had some birthday money and we bought a lovely water feature that lights up

The links below are from Amazon where you can purchase similar items if you are not near a discount store

Some great bargains

Cuprinol Garden Shades – Willow (2.5L)
Greenkey 36cm Juniper Topiary Ball with Hanging Chain
Corona Solar Powered Stainless Steel & Resin Water Feature

I have researched some small garden websites for your perusal

55 Small Urban Garden Design Ideas And Pictures



Summer gardens

During May and June this year we have been adding a few more plants and flowers, I’m still keen on artificial as it is absolutely no maintenance at all but, I do love to see summer flowers in the garden. We also saved some money buy putting up our own gate and adding a bespoke planter where we set a number of pots in. I spent a few afternoons repotting the plants into new compost and some into larger pots too if it was needed.

We have purchased another tin of paint to do further fences around the garden and I want a fairy garden, I have a board on my Pinterest account which has loads of ideas, I looked in a local garden centre but the bits and pieces I liked were so expensive so I will look on eBay first.

Anyway I hope you like my collection of photos of a summer garden…

In my search for small garden ideas I have found a fun blog where I have found some great projects I would love to have in my garden, this prompted me to set up a Pinterest board for garden ideas.

Ideas from Kelly Dixon @ Smart school house

2 thoughts on “Just a small garden

  1. Thank you Melanie, this month we have set ourselves a small challenge of improving the garden one project at a time. We made a list of what we wanted to change. Each weekend we have tackled one thing on the list. Week one was a new gate, saved £150 by fitting it our selves!
    I’ll post some more photos soon, thanks for stopping by

  2. Your garden is so pretty!

    We have a yard but I don’t have time to decorate it or anything. Everytime I look outside, it just looks blah lol.

    You should do gardening as a side hustle!

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