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This is not one I have made but isn’t he gorgeous?

This is my tutoring blog, I started tutoring in 2014, I was working with older students in a training provision when I met a supply teacher who told me about her tutoring business, she told me how much she enjoyed it and that got me researching…..

With redundancies looming I decided to take the jump and became a full time tutor and supply teacher. I turned one of my bedrooms into an office and off I went (metaphorically speaking) one of the benefits of being freelance was keeping many irons in the fire, for example I’m a qualified assessor and internal verifier, I was able to pick up a few students and organisations to keep my practice up to date.

I also worked with some psychology students which meant I could keep up to date with improvements in that field. The same with GCSE maths and English. 7 and 11 plus and K1,2,3 & 4

So I built up a little community of students over the summer of 2014, I started at my current place of work in September of that year and tried to juggle all my commitments but eventually I gave up most of the tutoring. I continued with some online marking and this gave me some holiday spending money during the year.



So although I am working full time I also do a little bit of tutoring and marking to keep ‘my hand in’ and ‘not put all my eggs in one basket’.

I advertise on tutoring websites and through my Facebook page and this keeps me very busy coming up to exams and in the holidays.

I get most of my resources from TES, twinkel, Ur Brainy and material I have built up over the years.

I would like to move into online teaching as I have read on some blogs where teachers are providing this service full-time……🤓🤓🤓 five year plannnnnnnnnn, so more research needed there.

This is a lovely bag my sister made for me for my tutoring, just call me Mrs B….


I started working with a lovely new student tonight, as I was leaving I was asked if I would like some vegetables, ….. In the garden there was an array of boxes with loads of marrows, cauliflower, and other vegetables that I couldn’t label….yes I said….definately….



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