Arty pictures

If you’ve looked at some of my other posts and my Facebook pages

Crackin Crafts

you will know I have an addictive personality and love anything to do with art and craft. I have recently given away and sold a number of items/stock that I had been storing in the attic, I honestly have not got time to indulge in as much crafting as I used to do and also I was making so many items that we had no room for us!!

so after y clear out, I’ve had a few relaxing evenings doodling, I love all the adult colouring books, I love using crayons, felt pens, paints etc. I even read about the benefits of art…

See this study on the benefits of doodling


These 2 pictures were my first attempt and I got the frames from IKEA, I think they look amazing and are currently on my kitchen windowsill until they go to a new home.


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