Money Making

Financial literacy

Spending habits Overspending can look like you are impulsive or have no self-discipline. However, the research says that there are other factors that impact on our spending habits. For example, if spending was never discussed in your family when you were growing up. Overspending begins with a lack of budgeting. Some people do not have… Read More Financial literacy


Crafting is so therapeutic

Knitting and Crochet is good for your mental health A recent survey by a knitting company Toft has found that crafting is good for your health. They spoke to nearly 500 British women and discovered that crafting has huge stress-reduction health benefits. Crochet helped them with anxiety, depression and stress, improving mental health and providing more social opportunities… Read More Crafting is so therapeutic

Money Making

Creating a budget

If you have run out of money half way during the month then you really, honestly, need to look at your financial situation, you need to be truly honest with yourself and look at where you can make savings. If you are continuously living in your overdraft or credit cards you must act now! You… Read More Creating a budget

Money Making

Flipping in Wales

Today is the beginning of our 10 day ‘flipping in Wales’ we will be touring the coast of Wales, visiting charity shops, Carboot’s and other places to collect and flip goods on eBay and shpock, gumtree and Facebook. This blog will be  a journal of our antics, buying goods, enjoying the sights and staying in… Read More Flipping in Wales


Bath Adventures

Bath the Xmas market 2016 We had a lovely time going around the Christmas market and stayed in a pub hotel, this was amazing. We had Along weekend and decided to go over to London to see our youngest son. We found a lovely Christmas drink 🍹 cinnamon Jack Daniels, it was sooooo delicious. Bath Xmas… Read More Bath Adventures

Money Making


A new experience This year we decided to do something new for our summer holiday. A road trip around Wales accessing Airbnb. We have been selling loads of stuff on eBay since January and love the thrill of getting a few pounds for stuff sitting around the house that we never use. Lately each spare… Read More Airbnb