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Earn Cashback

  TopCashback, Quidco, cashbackapp, shopmium, Ebates are all leading cashback sites. To help with running this website you will find links are affiliated I use them all the time and to date I have received TopCashback £589 Quidco £290 Everytime we make a purchase we checkout these sites to see what offers are available, this… Read More Earn Cashback

Money Making

How to be mortgage free

??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Can we save 8k on our mortgage? OMG I have just worked out how I can save 8K by making continuous overpayments on our mortgage. By having a night at home per week instead of going out we can afford to make overpayments and shorten the mortgage by 7 years. How exciting. Imagine what you could do… Read More How to be mortgage free


Tutoring as a side Hustle

Side Hustle number 1 of 10 Tutoring is a business that more and more teachers are moving into, imagine being your own boss, planning your lessons around a child’s individual needs and seeing the progress of the child developing week by week. Tutoring was featured in the Guardian, Although you could make a good… Read More Tutoring as a side Hustle


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Terms & Conditions Policy All content provided on this blog is for informational purposes only. Unfortunately, I am unable to confirm the accuracy of any information on this site or found by following any link on this site. I cannot be held liable for any errors, or omissions of information nor for the availability of… Read More Terms and Conditions

Money Making

One pound challenge

One pound challenge Is anyone following the one pound challenge? Apparently it started out as a business adventure to see what could be achieved from just a £1 investment. The aim is to save almost £500 in one month. However if this is not achievable you could start with a penny challenge. Print off a… Read More One pound challenge