I am a lecturer at a local university, I have been working towards my Masters degree via the Open University, the course has a huge % of technology, and one of the platforms for communicating is blogging, this has been a fantastic resource, helping me to learn new skills while communicating with my peers on the course. I am blogging with teachers all over the world, sharing practices and the stresses of the job!!  🙂

I use blogging with my students as part of their course, but I’m not very confident using blogging for personal use, it’s scary to think that whatever you write can be read by people you don’t know and I think  it is also a worry that I don’t have access to an IT department, especially if anything goes wrong. I have set up an account worth wordpress after doing some quick research, it like learning a new language!

However, if I don’t have ago, I will never learn, I see lots of lovely blogs and wish I could do something similar. I’m not sure if using the iPad is the best way to write a blog but I’ll have ago….watch this space

Today I have learnt how to link in websites, whoooooop, (small steps)

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