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Side hustle number 2

Soooooo I finish my Masters degree in March, I have a dissertation to write and I am looking for any type of distraction I can find!!!!

Update 20/06/17 Passed the Degree!

As part of the ‘4 year plan’ to be debt free and live a more relaxed life we have started (or are starting) a new stream to our money making business. I have been doing quite a bit if research into buying and selling, mainly to help get rid of some clutter and also with the view to buy items that we can sell on for a profit. We have trialed a few items that we have found around the house and are now actively looking for items to resell, for example, vintage and retro items that are popular.

Videos and other sellers I followed

We are both having great fun doing the research and sourcing new items to sell on, I love the you tube videos by   Nic and Andrea Hill as well as Cora Harrison, they have been a real inspiration.

Keeping track of income and outgoings

This is the hardest part of this side hustle, however it is vital. Keeping track of expenditure is the only way to succeed and not overspend. I’ve set up a spreadsheet to monitor the outgoings and income. We’ve  also cleared some space to store our items to sell in one of the spare rooms. We have purchased some bags and resources for packaging and are ready to go

Our top 10 items to sell;

  • books
  • vintage radios
  • blu rays
  • board games
  • music equipment
  • Educational resources
  • Work clothing
  • craft supplies
  • diy
  • electrical goods

Places to sell

I’m also researching different places to sell so if anyone has any ideas let me know, I’m not very good using Facebook to buy and sell as I lose pages and lose track of what I have bid on or asked questions about. If you have access to shpock there are some great bargains which will be local to you.

Update 11/03/2017

We are loving this new business line, we are sourcing new items each day either online or from discount stores or charity/antique stores, although we mainly sell on eBay and local online platforms, we have just made our first Amazon sale!!!

Since we started reselling we have sold over £800 which is fantastic for our first try don’t you think?

Update 20/06/2017

We are still working hard on this side hustle, we have had some minor issues with damaged parcels but we have managed to resolve them quickly.

I’ve posted some images on instagram of some of the things we have sold.

July 2017 Vintage radios

July begins with some incredible sales, Phil has been sourcing some old radios 📻, he has a background in electronics and enjoys tinkering with them. At the moment they are all over the house while he tests each one to ensure it is working. Vintage items sell so well.

Here are some pictures of the latest;


Here is a quick example…We recently got a bag of children’s toys for £1, we almost didn’t get it, overall from this we have made almost £20 🤑

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