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One pound challenge

One pound challenge Is anyone following the one pound challenge? Apparently it started out as a business adventure to see what could be achieved from just a £1 investment. The aim is to save almost £500 in one month. However if this is not achievable you could start with a penny challenge. Print off a… Read More One pound challenge

Money Making

September side hustles

We’ve been making money  from side hustles toward the 5 year plan since April this year (2016) Work Trip Soooo September more or less began with a cheeky little trip to Denmark, I went through work and we are looking at the differences of how young children are taught in nursery or kindergarten in Denmark… Read More September side hustles

Money Making

FM Perfume, aftershave and cosmetics

FM Cosmetics UK Ltd began in January 2006.

The company operates under a franchise agreement with FM World, based in Poland.
They offer a large range of fragrances of all types: fresh, flowery, oriental, woody, fruity and many more.
Their products are always available at the best possible prices and
customer and distributor satisfaction are important.

The idea of creating an exclusive cosmetic line was born during Artur’s Trawinski (chief executive officer of the FM GROUP POLAND) annual stay in Australia. 
On his return to Poland he decided to realize his idea. Looking for perfect products he got many propositions for collaboration from many different companies. His company has been producing perfumes for 10 years.
Fragrance for the perfumes is created by the one of the biggest companies in the world with the 100 years tradition which is growing up very fast and has its bases in Europe, Australia, United States, China and Brazil
 The company initially operated on the Polish market, and then expanded into the rest of Europe. Their products are based on fragrance compositions created by the internationally well known and respected German company DROM Fragrances International KG.
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