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This blog post was started as a bit of a ‘tongue in cheek’, but with an underlying emphasis on how hard you need to work on your blog if you want it to be successful and gain traffic. Whether you want to write for pleasure, for your own development or to monetise your page, it is hard work and needs continuous attention. However, it is also very rewarding when you learn something new or achieve something you have been working on.

So I thought it would be helpful to write about my journey as a digital immigrant, who learnt how to use a computer as an adult rather than as a child (digital native).

Start a blog they said…

As I have mentioned previously in other blogs, I came across Emma Drew and her webpage, I was soooo impressed, I told everyone about her blog and was so inspired I thought I will give this a go. I followed her advice set up my WordPress account. You will not believe how scary this journey has been. I didn’t have a huge online presence and was afraid to share anything personal about my life.


what on earth would I have to discuss in a blog? who would be interested in reading anything I have to say? how do you start?

I read many blogs and this gave me the encouragement to get started. As I read I thought, hey I could do this.  I still read loads that I aspire to replicate

It’s easy they said…

Oh no it’s not! it has taken me about 6 months to learn my way around WordPress and now I want to change to a site that I can monetise more effectively. I’ve got so many links to include that I get lost in accounts, passwords and emails reminding me of how much money I could be making!!!!

BUT I’m not giving up and I am on my site everyday adding new blogs, changing and adding new photos, I have been seriously blogging for 12 months (July 2016) now and I love it so that’s more important.


I now have a note book with a page for every subject I am learning about.

  • blog posts
  • Facebook pages I follow
  • Affiliated Links
  • Surveys
  • Freebie signups
  • Pinterest
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Emails

Yes i’ve gone back to that old fashioned pen and paper!I try to keep this up to date so that I can remember what I have done and where I have got to.

Pay for a domain and a .com site they said…

Yep I’ve done that but I’m not really sure why and what the benefit is, no doubt it will become clearer one day…I will get that lightbulb moment…

Actually this was a really brave thing to do as I read some advice other people were saying about domain names and I used my own name.


So I made the mistake of paying for a .com site and really should have got a .org site with the view to monitising my site. However, on the plus side, I have learnt the platform during that year and developed confidence in writing and  designing a site that works for me.

Add links they said…

Oh yes I did, some worked and some didn’t, now I cant remember how I put the on or how to get them off, there is no point anyone telling me how to do as after 3 words I’m lost lol….

so can you imagine me at the kitchen table with my Ipad and laptop, watching a youtube video on how to insert a link and then pausing it at every step to actually go through the process alongside the video… each time I add a link …out comes the Ipad.


You will earn money they said…

So I started my blog in July 2016. I have yet to earn anything. I keep reminding myself that you should not expect to take any earning out of a business in the first year.

…funny…..if I was relying on money from my blog…


Watch the YouTube videos they said…

The videos are great, but I need 2 devices because I forget what I am supposed to do! I even tried to do some of my own videos about reselling and the items I buy, they are in a file somewhere, I also found I couldn’t keep up with the items I was buying and how quick they were selling so I haven’t done any for a while.

Its easy they said…

Well I cant agree, it certainly is not easy, however I’m not your average digital expert, but that doesn’t mean I’m not learning something everyday and how brave am I??

Some of my posts have had up to 30 edits!


Follow as many  people who are bloggers on social media as you can they said…

Erm, this is supposed to get you more followers, you can look at everyone’s blogs and share your own blog.

Firstly some of them have so many confusing rules.

Secondly many people on the sites have very professional looking blogs.

I’m still a bit too shy to share. I enjoy getting feedback but when they suggest complicated improvements I’m totally lost.

Like I said, this is a journey and I will add more anecdotes as I go along


About a month ago I had the opportunity to start a course by Emma Drew, its really fantastic and has kept me focussed on my blog, check out this link and if you have any questions do let me know, I can give you first hand expertise from a student point of view.

Turn your dreams into money by Emma Drew

please share your experiences so I know I am not alone


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        1. You will love it, you will be addicted, everything you do and see you will want to write about, you will actually find you need more time in your life to write your blog 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  1. Thanks Lin, I have yet to update my journey where I have moved from to .org using bluehost……coming soon…..

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