Crafting is so therapeutic

Knitting and Crochet is good for your mental health

A recent survey by a knitting company Toft has found that crafting is good for your health. They spoke to nearly 500 British women and discovered that crafting has huge stress-reduction health benefits.

Crochet helped them with anxiety, depression and stress, improving mental health and providing more social opportunities and ways to get involved with local schemes, including raising money for charity.
“Research indicates that the repetitive movements of crocheting can prompt the mind to relax, the heart rate and blood pressure to fall, and stress levels to drop.”

Making time to craft everyday

When I get home from work, whether this is my fulltime job or my side hustles, I go straight to my craft stash and begin making things. It’s great for my well-being, its therapeutic, relaxing and takes my mind off work and other worries I might have.

For a number of years I have made novelty items and sold them on Etsy, Facebook and  craft fairs. I realised that the hobby had now become a chore and was no longer a relaxing past time. completing orders, preparing for craft fairs, purchasing stock etc. became more challenging and the ROI was low, when you consider the amount of hours it takes.

I decided to stop selling and returned to enjoying and learning new skills in the craft world.

Bag Charms

Recently I have been learning how to make bag charms and key rings, (you tube and pinterest) these are quick to make. What I enjoy the most is the sense of achievement that I have made something and completed it.

I am a great starter but a struggle to complete things because I get bored really easily. There are so many exciting things to do, and I just want to do them all  🤣🤣🙄 you see that’s my problem. My work means I’m restricted and my creative side has to come out somewhere. So I guess I don’t like it to be ordered and restrictive. Each night I choose something to make nad then work on it until it is finished.


I’m  now working on crochet blankets, but not just any old blankets, mermaid and shark blankets, look at the picture below, I’m so proud of my first mermaid tail.

How I made this;

6 balls DK

size 8 and size 10 crochet hook.

Baby wool is great because it is so soft, I used 2 strands of contrasting colour and made first row of 30 stitches using the chain stitch. I then followed with a triple crochet. I continued to the end of the row,

Next row increase stitch on row 6 from the beginning and the end 32 sets

I continued with this increasing in every row until I had 60 stitches

I like to change the colour often so you can see I changed every 10 rows to keep it interesting. I continued with my pattern until it was at the correct length.

Dolls clothes

I have also been making some dolls clothes

here are some pictures of a Halloween outfit for Tiny Tears (doll Circa 1965)

My next makes are some character hats….

please share your favourite relaxing hobbies

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