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Flipping in Wales

Today is the beginning of our 10 day ‘flipping in Wales’ we will be touring the coast of Wales, visiting charity shops, Carboot’s and other places to collect and flip goods on eBay and shpock, gumtree and Facebook.

This blog will be  a journal of our antics, buying goods, enjoying the sights and staying in some Airbnbs


A lovely little seaside town with a pier. Charity shops are a little expensive but we did get a few items. The books will be used for tutoring but they are good sellers, so worth picking up if you do find them.

We usually check out the childrens toys, sometimes you can pick up some vintage games, I like to look at scrabble or monopoly games, especially the vintage travel games. I obviously checkout the ladies clothes, but often find some good labelled items which will sell on ebay.

Phil usually checks out anything electrical or related to technology, DVDs and bags. All of these items are popular on ebay.


Our next haul came from the local carboot. A funny thing happened, we were looking on a facebook reseller chat and saw an item from the same carboot, it turned out one of the guys from the chatroom was at the same carboot as us. What a coincidence!

So we did get a few good bargains.

Lego is a very good seller and there are a number of youtube videos, it has going rate at the moment of about £10 per kilo. I bought these 4 bags for £10.

Scrabble is also a good seller, I found a 2 player electronic version today for a £1, the remote control was 20p and I have sold 2 of these before for over £3 each in the past. I love the telephone £2. Phil bought an electron thermometer £6 so I will be interested to see what that goes for. The beer heater was £2 and finally a car radio cassette for £2

Feedback from our first Airbnb

D & J wrote;

“Angie and Phil were great guests,…all communication was excellent and they left our house spotless. We would welcome Phil & Angie back anytime, and would recommend to other hosts on airbnb”

Tomorrow we are off to Tenby to check out some more charity shops.



Tenby charity shops were so expensive, there was also a number of resellers who happened to be going to the same cs as us. we had a lovely meal a this the BayTree restaurant.

We went off to Milford Haven, a town that had a booming industry up until 2 years ago, when the oil refinery closed down, 400 jobs gone. So unfortunately it is quite a deprived area now. There was a factory outlet that we got some children’s toys to resell.

Our airbnb was in Saundersfoot, which is called the little sister of Tenby, a lovely place with a short walk down to the beach.

Feedback on Airbnb

M wrote;

“Phil and Angie were a lovely couple. Very interesting and we had a few chats about common interests. They were very quiet and observed all house rules. they left everything spotless and very tidy. I would definitely recommend them to future hosts and would welcome them back at anytime”


Tuesday and Wednesday is when we will book into our 3rd airbnb in Aeraeron, however we came through Carmarthen where we stocked up from the local charity shops and B & M, the boot is getting full.

Wednesday we went to New Quay to see if we could find some Dolphins at Dolphin Bay, we then went to Aberystwyth however we had no luck in any of the charity shops there but we found a lovely deli and walked around the old castle grounds.


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