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FM Perfume, aftershave and cosmetics

FM Perfume
FM Perfume

Perfume and aftershave (Side Hustle 2 of 10)

I joined FM Perfume, as a distributor in 2014, most FM perfumes for women have a strength of 20% perfume oil, which means they last longer than weaker Eau de Toilette that contain around just 8% perfume oil. The majority of  FM Men’s fragrances are Eau de Perfume with 16% perfume oil. FM also sell cosmetics, FM have a home range and now Aurile coffee too.

They have something for everyone including skin care, shampoos and conditioners, popular SPA senses products, and home and car fragrances.

I can recommend the HIGH QUALITY PERFUME, some of my customers have claimed,

“it’s lovely and lasts ages, I won’t be paying high prices anymore”
“I will be getting new aftershave every month now, do you know how much I will be saving now?”
“How can they do this soooo cheap, there must be a catch”


There’s no catch, FM do not pay for marketing or branded labels, but the quality cannot be faulted. prices start at £7.49



Bleu de Chanel (Similar) FM Version £18.50 for 100ml


FM Perfume 5

FM Perfume 301









Fragrance Families

I always struggle to find a perfume I like and know if it suits me, I love fresh aromas,

Fresh – Fragrances categorized as fresh often include “green” notes, like fresh-cut grass, the smell of spring in the air, light citruses and airy notes. If you like being  outside you might like these fragrances.

Some examples are Jimmy Choo, Marc Jacobs, Guerlain, CK, Beyoncé, Davidoff, Prada, JP Gaultier, DKNY, Hugo Boss, Dior.
Floral – the most popular of fragrances, floral scents come from a wide range of blooms. Floral scents may include notes of jasmine, carnation, gardenia, orange blossom, rose, lily of the valley, tuberose … you name it. If you enjoy the scent of a particular flower, maybe you should try fragrances that include notes of that flower.

Some examples are Paco Rabanne for her, CK, G, YSL, Gucci, Tommy Hilfiger, D&G, DKNY, Marc Jacob.

Oriental – The Oriental fragrance group is comprised of notes that are rich, bold and overall exotic. Notes like amber and vanilla are often present in the oriental group. Oriental fragrances lean toward the “heavier” side and are more sensual fragrances, ideal for nighttime wear or romantic occasions.

Some examples are JP Gaultier, Paco Rabanne, Diesel, Joop, Versace, Davidoff, Calvin Klein.

Woods (or Chypre) – this fragrance group consists of aromatic wood and moss notes — sandalwood, cedarwood, oak. Patchouli is sometimes present, as is vetiver and pine. Many masculine fragrances fall into this category, given the richness of woody scents.

Some examples are Tom Ford, Hugo Boss, Gucci, Givenchy, Paco Robanne, Armani, diesel and Burberry.

Email me for a price list or any information concerning FM products

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