Frugal Adventures

We love to get away about once every 6 weeks and as frugal lovers 不不不不 we always find the cheapest deals and ways to enjoy a little bit of travelling with a bit of sourcing for our reselling business. This probably goes back to being self employed and working from home. We have always had a holiday home somewhere, either the west or the east coast, a few hours drive away where we can be relaxing near the beach by the afternoon or the next morning.

I’ve looked at the calendar and realised we have had or will have had15 frugal adventures over the last 18 months

  1. Skegness in April 2016

Stayed in our own caravan, which we later sold.

2. London in May 2016

Croydon park Hotel on a special deal

3. Malta in June 2016

Stayed in a budget hotel on a special deal

4. Skegness in august 2016

Packed up our beloved caravan and sold it at a profit

5. Denmark September 2016

A international trip through work (free), went for a few days to Copenhagen University.

6. Malta in October 2016

We had a frugal trip just after a the worst storms known in Malta, we had a lovey time and it was out of season so the public transport was cheaper too.

7. Bath and London in November for the Xmas market 2016

The Christmas market was fantastic and it was lovely walking through all the cobble streets, drinking the mulled wine and eating gluten free Christmas treats.


8. London in December for the skills show 2016

Another work adventure, all expenses paid and a lovely hotel to stay in with a friend/colleague

9. Denmark in February 2017

Another work adventure, all expenses paid, took a group of students to see some kindergartens, meet other students and some sight seeing.

10. Malta in March 2017

First time staying with relatives in Gozo, had a wonderful time enjoying the spring weather

11. London May 2017

The allergy show is in London every year and its lovely to be able to go somewhere and eat without any worries of being ‘glutened’. Bargain Premier inn hotel

12. Malta June 2017

A quiet break staying with relatives, where I got bitten 12 times by mosquitos for the first time

13. Wales August 2017

Planning 10 days of charity shop hauls and searching for castles, staying in Airbnb for the first time

14. Malta September 2017

A cheeky little break before the students come back to the classroom


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