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How to be mortgage free


Can we save 8k on our mortgage?

OMG I have just worked out how I can save 8K by making continuous overpayments on our mortgage. By having a night at home per week instead of going out we can afford to make overpayments and shorten the mortgage by 7 years.

How exciting.

Imagine what you could do with £8000!!

Paying your mortgage is the biggest investments, paying one of the biggest debts is a no brainer!

Downsizing and reducing our mortgage

We don’t have a massive mortgage because we down sized in 2014, but it is another bill that has to be paid monthly. If we are to reach our five year plan (be debt free / retire early) we need to seriously look at paying our mortgage off earlier than the 12 years that is still outstanding.

soooooo some food for thought…

How can we pay this debt off?

How can we reduce the length of our mortgage?

Where can we earn extra money ?


Some of the TV programmes I’m following;

In April Sara Beeny presented a show with 4 episodes on different ways of living, these are available on catch up  How to live mortgage free

I also love George Clarke’s series on Amazing Spaces

Reduce the years off the mortgage with the mortgage calculator

According to This is Money if we paid £100 per month extra we could knock 4 years off our mortgage 🙂 have a mortgage calculator which works out, we’ve just worked out we could save over £8,000 in interest if we paid £100 extra every month!!

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