Making money on holiday


For more than 20 years we have enjoyed the caravan life, we have had tourers,  stains and even a motorhome when all the children left home.

We had a number of static caravans in Skegness and Burnham on Sea. From these, we earned a small amount of money and had regular holidays and weekends away.

The cost of our caravans varied but as a letting caravan we had to go a little up market to ensure we could charge a decent rent.


So the cost ranged between £7,000 to £12,000

The fees ranged from £1,500 to £2,000 per year and we also paid for electric and gas bottles if they were needed.

Things to look out for

We always had to be aware of changing policies of the site, on one site new ownership took over and we were told they would be looking at the age of the van and would ask us to upgrade if it was passed the age they specified

We also paid for a cleaner to attend and servicing for the amenities.


During our time we were able to yield a rental of £450 per week during peak time and this went down to £200 off peak. Each year it was fully booked out. This then prompted us to buy a second cheaper caravan which we decided not to let, and if we did it would only be for family and friends.

This was a great little venture, we made some money, had some free holidays and met some interesting people.

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