Money Making

Money makes the world go round


The new £5 note

I have always been fascinated with money, coins, their shape, colour and images, my first coin a remember was the ‘thupnee bit’ a 3p coin from the early 40’s, in 1971 they were removed from currency. 3 pence coin


This week the second of four ultra-rare fivers has been found inside a Christmas card by a lucky student. It is believed to be worth up to £50,000 as the note is engraved with a tiny picture of Jane Austen.

Rare coins in circulation today

I also read about the 2p coins that were made in 1971 with the misprint ‘new pence’ instead of ‘two pence’ and the same occurred with the 1p coin too, there are some rare £2 and £1 coins too so it may be time to check out those money boxes 📦


We have actually sold some on Ebay for £6 to collectors who are collecting the set of coins. See below, all the coins have famous bridges on them. People collect sets, so here we are making money out of money literally!!!! Ha ha

Holiday money

I started saving the new £5 notes for a holiday this year so I am off to check them all out to see if they are worth more than £5 🤑🤑🤑

What would you spend £500 on_

I counted my £5 notes and I had over £500 worth which was fantastic for a little trip to London. Since we started our money making / money saving journey we have become extremely frugal, saving money, being money savvy and trying to have no spend days.

Get a bottle and save those coins!

Saving £1 coins, £2 coins and £5 notes is a great way to stop you spending and also save for holidays or trips out.

Pay cash for your purchases

Now we try to pay cash for most things, using cash for everyday items has a psychological effect on you. We all know that there are certain behaviours tied to how we shop, how we pay for things. Using cash makes us more cautious, it makes us think twice about purchases, I was in a high street department looking for a summer garment, if I was using my card I would not hesitate to buy one there and then, but as I was using cash, I walked away empty handed.

Cash is real.

It’s a tangible thing,

a piece of paper with value attached to it.

When you spend it,

you have less of it in your purse.

You see this and process it.

Its real.

Could you go cash only?

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