Mystery Shopping

Get paid to shop

I started mystery shopping a year ago, (July 2016) I actually get paid to shop! I get to keep my purchases and report on my experiences. I also have a great time researching different jobs and meet new people.

At the same time I began reading blogs by EMMA DREW Through her blogs I began to learn how to earn extra income and find a number of side hustles to help my husband and I get closer to our dream of early retirement.

I fit this around my 9 to 5 job, so often I shop before and after work and as I work near the town centre I sometimes fit them in around my lunch break.

Generally I spend my time purchasing goods, talking to staff and then completing a report online. I go out for meals, I go to the cinema, purchase online and take part in interviews for the careers or citizens advice. so they are all really interesting tasks.

Once you have applied you get regular emails and choose jobs that fit in with your own lifestyle. Each website has terms and conditions and it is worth reading the information they supply before applying. All tasks require a conscientious and diligent approach.

Payment could include travel, overnight stays and they vary depending on the job.

Some of the sites I use;


GFK Mystery Shopping


ESA Mystery shopping


People in Performance

Mystery shoppers ltd

So this is another side hustle you can add to your portfolio