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One pound challenge

One pound challenge

Is anyone following the one pound challenge? Apparently it started out as a business adventure to see what could be achieved from just a £1 investment. The aim is to save almost £500 in one month. However if this is not achievable you could start with a penny challenge.

Print off a calendar

So I’ve printed off a January calendar and started to count out our change, I’ve found an old Demi john that we collected change in and we are ready 🤑🤑🤑💰💰💰💰💰

On another point (always a teacher) 👩‍🏫, this is a great activity to do with children, developing mathematical language and skills.

January 2017 saved £500 from the £1 challenge

February 2017 saved over £500

March 2017 saved over £500

I’ve also been saving the new £5 notes and have about £250 💰, update…. actually got to £600.

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