Scary monkey

A few years ago I made hundreds of sock monkeys,

I gave them as gifts,

sold them in my Etsy shop,

sold them to friends and family,

sold them at work, online and at craft fairs,

I even taught my students at the school I was working at how to make them,

I made sock monkey kits for people to make their own monkey, I made the kits with a pre-sewn monkey that just required stuffing and the limbs attached. these were really successful and great ways to get the customers to buy from the stall, many grandparents bought them to sit and make with their grandchildren.

i will add some pictures when i find them

when i designed the kits, I took the first batch to the local knitting club and got the ladies to test them for me, follow the instructions and make their very own monkey…I should have taken some photos….it was such a giggle, the feedback was good though and I went on to make Owl kits, Piggy and hamster kits too


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