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As you may know, we have made a 5 yr plan last year to leave fulltime work and become self-employed. A semi-retired position. At the moment we are working our socks off to pay off our mortgage 7 years early.

Budget to be debt free

We have identified a budget and plan to stick to it to ensure we are not living above our means and to have a good quality of life now and in 4 years time. If you read some of my other blogs you will see all the different side hustles we are involved in. You will also see how we cut back on a number of luxuries to be able to set goals and targets to be debt free in 4 years time.

Fulltime work

A a current fulltime employee I have a number of benefits, a regular salary, sick pay, pension, holiday pay. I work with a great team of practitioners and love my job. I am learning so much about how to manage staff, manage a business and keeping up to date with the education sector.

The downside to being employed is getting up early, ensuring I have certain ‘work uniform’ ready, preparing lunch, travelling to work, paying for parking, and then there are the responsibilities of my actual job.


As a self-employed person, I am my own boss, I can work from home, I can set my calendar to meet the needs of my customers. I can work as many hours a day that I wish. Many people choose the self-employed route because they have  got a great skill and it fits in with their family commitments. I first became self-employed for this reason, to meet my families needs and to cut down on my own childcare costs.

Working 7 days a week because no work means no pay

At the moment our self-employed work is our pathway to being independent and semi retired.
However, there are issues with being self-employed, when I have a cancellation I do not currently get paid, if I choose to cancel a lesson, again I do not get paid.

We  responsible for ensuring there is enough money to take a holiday and not get paid when either of us are not working, we are responsible for our own insurance, training , book-keeping and workload.

This sometimes means working all weekend to get a job done as this is when the customer wants it doing.  Self employed people seem to be working all the time, if they are not working they are thinking or talking about work ZZZZZZZZ sorry but it’s true, it may be your Etsy page, your facebook page, twitter, text messages, pinterest, insta etc

At the beginning you take on all the work that comes your way as you are not sure it will be consistent. But that does settle down and you get a balance of work and your own life.

Again there are many benefits to being self-employed, it is flexible, it means we can fit in with family commitments and for us as the moment we can meet the goals we have set to be completely debt free.

I have written a post about well-being, how we need to do things for ourselves. My guilty pleasure is crafting.

I am currently working about 75 hours a week and this has an impact on my social life, my family and my health. I do have an obsessive personality and have to be doing something all the time. But I LOVE IT.




It is still early days and we started paying extra money towards our mortgage this month which is amazing, we are really excited about this small achievement.


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