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September side hustles

We’ve been making money  from side hustles toward the 5 year plan since April this year (2016)

Work Trip

Soooo September more or less began with a cheeky little trip to Denmark, I went through work and we are looking at the differences of how young children are taught in nursery or kindergarten in Denmark compared to the UK, WOW what a difference, the staff are called pedagogues and children spend up to 5 hours a day playing outside, they follow the Froebel philosophy and the first kindergarten was set up in 1854, the headmaster wrote: “ Children at the ages or 4 and 5 years should… have play and movement, especially in the fresh air” (Stigsgaard, 1978). So this is part of a project at work. It consisted of 2 educational settings interacting and learning about culture and education in the UK and in Denmark.

I went again in February and this time took a group of students for a 5 day stay, we had a great visit and were able to get in site seeing.

September income

My side income for September, a fantastic month for making story sacks, teaching English and Psychology. Students are also back in class at Uni so I have less time to concentrate on my side hustles 

This is what I have earned this month on top of the day job;

Tutoring £570
Matched betting £25
Mystery shopping £95
Online marking £15
Insurance refund £75
Total £780

I won’t have time to continuously add my monthly incomes as it is quite time consuming but I can say that I started another side hustle in January 2017 which brought in an annual 3K


October plans

Another little break in Malta, ‘why not eh?’ the weather is 26 degrees today so it will be an amazing little break before xmas. I have also been working my socks off learning how to master matched betting, and I think I have cracked it, it is time consuming at the moment as I’m also finishing my last module on my Masters Degree, but that will be finished in March so I will need a celebratory break, another trip to Malta 🙂

In January some of our family moved to Malta/Gozo and that meant we had further holidays in March and June.


Happy days

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