Money Making


A new experience This year we decided to do something new for our summer holiday. A road trip around Wales accessing Airbnb. We have been selling loads of stuff on eBay since January and love the thrill of getting a few pounds for stuff sitting around the house that we never use. Lately each spare… Read More Airbnb


Nappy cakes

Nappy Crafts to make   Do you love making things? I love to sit in the evening while watching a film with a project to hand. It is relaxing and if you can make something to sell….A BONUS! These are only a few of the many Nappy/Diaper/Pamper cakes I have made in the past. They… Read More Nappy cakes

Money Making

How to be mortgage free

??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Can we save 8k on our mortgage? OMG I have just worked out how I can save 8K by making continuous overpayments on our mortgage. By having a night at home per week instead of going out we can afford to make overpayments and shorten the mortgage by 7 years. How exciting. Imagine what you could do… Read More How to be mortgage free