5 year plan

The five year plan


In April this year, Phil and I decided to make a 5 year plan, the objective is to buy our own holiday home by the sea. With all the children fleeing the nest we felt it was a goal we could almost touch! We have spent over 20 years on the east coast, Skegness, Chapel St Leonard’s, Louth etc. We have always had caravan holidays and upraded every couple of years, but as we are getting a bit older we thought it would be better to have something a wee bit more permanent, something that could be a project, we would also cut down on some of those site fees which are now between £1,500 to £2,500 on that same coast per season, which is usually March to October.

Both of our work commitments have changed over the past 2 years so we don’t have the freedom to go to the beach every weekend, so it was becoming a false economy too.

So to make this dream a reality, we had to look at our budget, we sat in our caravan at Easter and we looked at everything we were spending and how we could cut back. I wrote down everything that was going out both of our accounts, and we started to discuss what we could do without

I looked on the Martin Lewis money making site, as a starting point.

Switched bank and earned £100

I cancelled Sky Tv

I sold my car and bought a smaller cheaper car

I emptied cupboards and the shed and sold everything that we didn’t use on ebay and facebook, this included clothes shoes books and anything that we didn’t use.

So 2 months later and we are on our way….for the first time in over 20 years we are no longer overdrawn and we have savings 🙂 🙂 🙂

so now that we have the bug
I’ve recently followed a blog that has made me even more motivated ‘from aldi to harrods’, where the author Emma has written about how to earn more money online. How addictive is her site, she also has a facebook site too.
I have been a mystery shopper for over a year and the money I make is put into a spare account for holidays, some of the sites I work for are ESA mystery, Marketforce, GFK, People in Performance, on average I sign up for 3 assignments a week, all of them are local and relatively simple. I’ve followed some tips on doing online surveys and I have also downloaded an app on my ipad called receipt hog, you have a 2 week window to upload a photo of your receipt to gain credits to use for giftcards or have money paid into paypal.

I’ve joined Top Cashback and got family and friends to join to see if I can earn some extra money towards the 5 year plan 🙂

We had just arrived at Malta, we found a lovely Indian restaurant where they made amazing gluten free food


St Pauls bay in Malta 2016


A photo taken in 2015

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