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What do I miss about my old spending life?

10 things I miss being a savvy saver


Shopping is a cognitive process, we use a number of processes, we take in information, interpret and act on signals and feedback from our shop/store environment.

All of our senses are open to the influences in our environment, we take in information through our eyes, ears, nose, touch and taste.

So the bright colours, the smell of baking bread, the repetitive loud music is all there to heighten your adrenaline, to encourage you to shop, to buy, to eat and drink. IT WORKS, look at any huge retail park or shopping centre. Decorated and planned purely to get us to spend our hard earned cash.


I never really spent a vast amount on clothes, but now I question everything I buy, do need it? When will I wear it? How long will it stay on trend?

Now most of my clothes are bought from charity shops, something I was never proud of before I became a savvy shopper.

I recently read a notice in a charity shop about the benefits of buying secondhand. It cuts down on manufacturing and keeps clothes out of the landfill.  It’s Green!
A large amount of man-made clothes are thrown away, so it is very important to reuse. It goes both ways, I can recycle and donate back to the charity shops

The act of recycling not only enables us to feel good about our actions but, again, keeps money in the local economy and supports the green living movement.

Beauty products

I love spending time in Boots or Superdrug, I love nail varnish, creams, lotions, makeup and all kinds of beauty products. I cleared out my draws, make up bags and was appalled by how many unused products I had.

So I’ve been really frugal and used up all the old products before buying any new ones. I now try to buy all my products from Avon to help my local rep. It also prevents me from being tempted by all the lovely displays at the shop.

Buying books

📚 📚 📚 I love buying books for my students both in my fulltime work and my side hustles, but I never know when to stop, I buy books from Amazon, but before I know it I am spending £100 a term on books for others.

Not anymore, I sold all my books. I still buy some but only for students who have not got access to online resources.

Resources for work

Yes this is another one of my downfalls, I see a game, a poster, a fantastic model and I buy it for work, some items I can claim back, so recently I bought some Lego and was able to claim that through expenses, but a few pound here and there is too much trouble to put through the expenses procedure so I never bother.

This is really hard for me to ‘curb’ my spending…..I bet many teachers or nursery workers can relate to this too.

Restaurants & takeaways

I love eating out, I love getting dressed up and going out for meals, especially if I hear about  new gluten free restaurant, I just want to go, any excuse and I am there.

I work in the city centre and I love going out for meals with my friends from work. So if it’s someone’s birthday it so hard not to be tempted to go out for lunch or tea.

When my children were younger I enjoyed cooking and baking, trying out new recipes and family meals. Now that I work so many hours cooking is the last thing on my mind so if there is a chance I can have a gluten free takeaway I’m very happy 😊

Treating my children and grandchildren

I love treating my family, I love taking them out, buying the grandchildren toys and clothes….any excuse. We are a very frugal family so we always try to choose outings that are free and where we do not need to spend money unnecessarily. So I look forward to birthdays and Christmas so that I can take them shopping.


One of my side hustles a few years ago was making and selling handmade items, I made loads of great items and sold them at craft fayres, online and to family and friends. My craft room became so full of items ‘I would use’ there was no room for me. My granddaughter helped me to pack up 15 huge bags of stock and send it to a charity. So now I am very frugal and keep my stash to a minimum. And of course save money.


Another passion of mine is decorating, yes you can be frugal when decorating but, for me it is buying all the new accessories that I need for the new rooms. Redecorating means a complete new room for me. So this is something I miss doing.

Working on my side hustles keeps me busy so I don’t miss decorating too much.


Yes you have probably seen my blog on ‘A small garden’ I like flowers, I like growing plants and flowers in the garden, so this year I have only bought items in the sale and only made up a few flower pots to make outside look lovely.

I bought some artificial plants that last all year and don’t need any maintenance.

Online shopping

I was a Sunday evening eBay shopper, sitting on a Sunday evening feeling depressed about going back to work after the weekend. Buying clothes, shoes, and lots of items I did not need. However the tables have turned, we are now resellers and I enjoy watching other people buy from us on a Sunday evening instead.


According to the research the way we think and our attitude to shopping depends on what we are buying. We love buying alcohol, sweets, chocolates as well as items for babies.

They all have positive associations and we are treating ourselves or someone else. However we do not feel the same when we are buying items for laundry of cleaning the house.

In fact research has found we are in and out of the shop much quicker when buying these items.

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