Money Making

What are your plans for 2017?

2017 brings us into a 4 year plan

5 Year plan

In 2016 Phil and I looked at our budget, we both had good jobs and wanted to set up some plans for the future. We began systematically going through our outgoings

Cancelled the following

Sky TV

Phone contracts

Magazines subscriptions

Gym fees

Sold the following

Bread maker



Table and chairs (bought one from gumtree £10)

DIY jobs we did ourselves to save money

Jet washed the garden

Replaced the garden gate


No luxury nights out

Take lunch to work

No carpark fees

overdraft fees

2017 is now a 4 year plan to get out of debt and live the life we dream.

So we enter a new year, New Year’s Day we wake up to pouring rain ☔️  ☔️ ☔️

This has been the first holiday and new year that we have not been overdrawn.

My New Years resolutions are to earn more money, pay off more debts and lose weight, but what I have learnt over these 2 weeks is to have some meaningful quality time with those who are important to me.


Quality not quantity

Saving money and making money 💰 💰 should be a lifestyle change and not a stressful activity that stops or prevents you from enjoying life.

Sacrifices do need to be made but not at the consequence of your health or spending time with loved ones.

However, it has been an amazing holiday not worrying about debt or being overdrawn at Christmas, I think this may have been a first for me 🤗.


What sacrifices have you made to reduce your debt?

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